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Lucidity is characterized by the ability to think clearly and reasonably. A lucid individual is an individual that clearly perceives and understands things. It’s an intellectual capability that we all have (see intelligence) but some people are more lucid than others.

A lucid person is capable of quickly analyzing, thinking and understanding a situation. During moments of stress and uncertainty where some people could get flustered and panic, a lucid person will keep a clear mind and know exactly what to do and how to react.

Lucidity also allows us to not let ourselves be manipulated by someone. For example, when a politician is doing his propaganda, a lucid person will be able to read between the lines and see when the politician is lying to get more approval from the audience.

We can also talk about lucid dreaming : it refers to the act of being aware that we are dreaming and the ability to control what’s going on. Some people have the spiritual ability to control all of their dreams and to “live” their greatest desire.