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Knowledge refers to all the knowledges acquired by an individual thanks to their studies or their personal and professional experiences. This value also refers to the state of consciousness of the one who knows, who’s aware of something.

Unlike intelligence which is innate for humans (see intelligence), knowledge is acquired, it requires a learning process.

To pretend to know things about a subject, having all the information about it is not enough, you have to learn them, analyze them and most importantly understand them.
The knowledge gives us all of the theoretical and conceptual tools that allow us to analyze and understand our society and the world we live in.

One might say “Knowledge is power” : knowledge allows us to accomplish a lot of things through our studies that give us the knowledge we need to reach our goals. It also allows us to resist when someone tries to manipulate us because they think that they know more than us. (see power)

Also there are things that we know but we wish we didn’t know them. For example, the knowledge that we're all gonna die someday.