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Even if some people refuse to admit it, the environmental situation is getting worse every day : the climate is changing, glaciers are melting, forests are burning...

Eco-conscious people are people who are conscious of the ecological situation and who would like to take action to try to solve this problem. Unlike certain people, they feel concerned by climate change, they know that soon we will endure the consequences of those changes if we don’t act now.

To be eco-conscious, you don’t only have to know that the planet is in danger, because nowadays a lot of people know that thanks to the media. An eco-conscious person acts instead of remaining passive even if they know the situation.

This mobilization can be small, in a personal way. Eco-conscious people make small actions in their everyday lives like for example recycling, taking a bike instead of a car... There can also be bigger actions like protesting to ask the government to take actions for the planet, or volunteering in organizations that clean the oceans. If we have influence in social networks, we can raise awareness online and invite people to act for the planet.

If some people decide not to act and remain passive even if they are conscious of the situation, it might be because they feel like they have no power : alone, one may have the impression that they can’t improve things, or that the situation is already too bad for us to do something about it.

A company can also be eco-conscious: it can sell eco-friendly products or promise to change its production techniques to respect the environment. However some companies pretend to be eco-friendly, but it’s only to improve their reputation and they are not really taking action, it’s called green-washing.

Being eco-conscious leads us to make different types of actions according to our influence, our financial situation, our tools... Being eco-conscious is taking a step to a more eco-friendly society because we acknowledge the environmental situations and we try to improve it.

If everyone were conscious that our planet is sick, more actions would be taken and we would have a chance to solve this huge problem we are facing.